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The most versatile and practical training aid!

Every golfer knows that alignment is essential, but unfortunately it often goes wrong. During practice it is just so important to be well aligned with the clubface and body so that no bad habits creep in.

The GolfAligner is a training aid that has been specifically developed for this purpose. With the GolfAligner you can train all parts of your game. From a putt to a drive and from a bunker shot to a greenside chip!

In total there are more than 12 ways to use the GolfAligner during your practice sessions, on the course, the range and indoors!


The ideal training aid for effective range sessions.

Helps train key impact factors.

No moving parts or complicated systems.

Improves both pre-swing and in-swing principles.

More than 12 applications in one tool.

Sleek design, durable and easy to use.

For all playing surfaces (mat, grass tee, course, indoor).

Compact and easy to carry in the golf bag.

Comes ready to use with 3 alignment sticks!


Align better, score better!

The GolfAligner helps with clubface alignment, keeping the club on-plane, positioning body, ball and club, and training the direction of departure of various shots and putts. The tool has more than 12 applications in different degrees of difficulty for targeted and effective practice.

01 - Alignment

Clubface alignment possible in 3 different positions (narrow, wide and widest).

Ideal for training club face and body alignment to the target. The narrower option is better for shorter swings such as chipping or pitching. Because the alignment sticks are inserted into the GolfAligner, you can easily pick it up if you want to hit another target. So no more hassle with aligning the sticks.

In this application, place the ball at least 50 cm from the GolfAligner.

02 - Swing Plane

Swing-plane positions for irons and woods in full swing, pitching and chipping.

The GolfAligner helps you train the swing plane in your back and through swing. There are two possible positions, irons and woods. Can of course be used for left and right handed golfers.

Always use 3 alignment sticks in the Swing Plane application for the correct stability and at least 50 cm from the GolfAligner!

03 - Precision Aiming

The GolfAligner features three numbered putting gates to train your putts from difficult to very challenging. The alignment sticks help you align the putter face correctly.

Stick the GolfAligner in the ground with two sticks and you can easily create targets to test your chipping or pitching skills for accuracy.

Place the golf ball a safe distance away from the GolfAligner so that you cannot hit it with your club.

04 - Set Up

To gain more control over the lowest point of your swing, it is useful to check your set-up regularly.

By setting up the GolfAligner in a T or cross shape, clear lines of sight are created on which body and ball can be aligned (stance width, ball position, distance to the ball).

This is what our customers say

The GolfAligner is a useful, versatile and valuable tool. Easy to carry and assemble, it helps golfers quickly check some important basics. This includes alignment, ball position, swing plane in different phases of the swing and club face control when putting.

Hiddo Uhlenbeck
Kennemer Golf & Countryclub

Versatile and user-friendly tool, always taken to the range. I golf less often than I would like, so it sometimes takes a while to find my swing. The GolfAligner is set up within a few seconds and ensures that I start my range session with the right setup.

Jørgen Berkhof
Edese GC Papendal

My pro uses the GolfAligner during golf lessons. I was surprised at the effectiveness of such a simple tool. I align much better now.

Pieter van Leusden

Whether you're looking for a putting tool to improve the ball's start direction, require something to check body & club face alignment or need to work on swing plane. The Golf Aligner has it all. It's a must-have for all serious golfers & golf academies.

Adrian Morley
Goyer Golf & Countryclub

Placing the Aligner creates an external focus, for example swing path and/or swing plane, and the golfer learns more instinctively how a movement is made.

Mark Metgod
Zaanse Golf Club

Super simple multi-tool to check where my swing is. I can always fall back on this if I think something is wrong. Easy to take anywhere and set up takes 10 seconds. Ideal!

Seve Prins
Goyer Golf & Country Club

The GolfAligner is ideal for checking your set-up and developing your alignment skills with both club face and body! With the swing-plane applications you train to stay on-plane. Applicable for multiple game components, from putt to full swing. It is lightweight, easy to use.

Thomas IJland
Goyer Golf & Country Club


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